● 免费专业水压测试    只要消费者购买久游的产品安装完毕后可预约体检上门服务,通过水压测试等检验手段,排除管道系统中存在的隐患。

   Free professional hydrostatic test     As long as consumers buy jingou's products, they can make an appointment for physical examination and on-site service after installation, and eliminate hidden dangers existing in the pipeline system through inspection methods such as hydraulic pressure test.

● 免费鉴别产品真伪    为了更好的保护消费者的权益,久游专设了真伪验证查询热线,消费者可自行查询,保证消费者的合法权益。

   Free authentication of products     In order to better protect the rights and interests of consumers, Europe has set up a special authenticity verification inquiry hotline for consumers to inquire on their own to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

● 告知业主用水注意事项     久游产品在管道系统完装完毕并进行一系列的系统检测后,会告知业主必要的用水注意事项,避免在未来的使用过程中发生使用不当而造成的财产损失,切实保障业主的安全。

    Inform the owner of matters needing attention in water use.       After completing the installation of the pipeline system and carrying out a series of system tests, jingou products will inform the owner of the necessary water use precautions to avoid property losses caused by improper use in the future use process and effectively protect the owner's safety.

● 50年质保      安装久游产品,若检测出现安全隐患,我们将协助业主维修改造,若验收合格,签订质量保证卡,我们承诺质保生效。

   50-year warranty      If there is any potential safety hazard in the installation of Jingou products, we will assist the owner in the maintenance and renovation. If the product passes the acceptance, we will sign a quality assurance card, and we promise that the quality assurance will take effect.

● 免费提供管路改造方案   水路及地暖改造作为装修过程中的重点,在装修设计之初就得到业主的重视。从设计到施工,每一步都关联到您家未来生活的质量。合理的设计,会给您的生活带来无限的便利。

   Provide pipeline reconstruction scheme free of charge        The renovation of waterways and floor heating, as the key points in the renovation process, was paid attention to by the owners at the beginning of the renovation design. From design to construction, every step is related to the quality of your family's future life. Reasonable design will bring infinite convenience to your life.
● 久游管道联合多家家知名装饰公司,为您推出百套水路/地暖施工改造精品方案及装修常识,为您家的水路/地暖改造提供参考,协助您专业全面的规划您的家!

   Jingou Pipeline, in conjunction with several well-known decoration companies, has launched a hundred sets of high-quality waterway/floor heating construction and renovation plans and common sense of decoration for you, providing reference for your waterway/floor heating renovation and assisting you to plan your home professionally and comprehensively.

●签订三方协议售保单     装修修过程中,购买材料的质量是广大业主关心的重点之一。同时,售后服务更是您未来在水路/地暖使用过程中的重要保障。目前建材市场鱼龙混杂,经常出现水路/地暖在使用过程中,因为质量问题出现售后问题,给业主带来经济损失的同时,更会面临经销商停销品牌或厂家因业主无法提供有力证据,更有无法找到生产厂家的问题出现,导致广大业主无法得到完善的售后服务。针对这一问题,久游管道推出三方协议售后保修单,该单据由生产厂家、经销商、使用者三方签字。并各自留底,业主在使用中出现任何因产品质量造成的问题,可以第一时间联系到经销商或厂家,杜绝出现售后无人处理的尴尬局面。减少业主的损失,切实达到久游管,管安心!

   Sign a Tripartite Agreement to Sell Insurance Policies         In the process of decoration and repair, the quality of purchased materials is one of the major concerns of the owners. At the same time, after-sales service is an important guarantee for your future use of waterway/floor heating. At present, the building materials market is mixed with good people and bad people. Water/floor heating often occurs in the process of use. After-sales problems occur due to quality problems, which bring economic losses to the owners. At the same time, it will also face the problems of dealers stopping selling brands or manufacturers unable to provide strong evidence, and even unable to find manufacturers. As a result, the majority of owners cannot obtain perfect after-sales service. In response to this problem, Jingou Pipeline launched a three-party agreement after-sales warranty, which was signed by the manufacturer, distributor and user. The owner can contact the distributor or manufacturer immediately if there is any problem caused by the product quality in use, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of no one to deal with after sales. To reduce the loss of the owner, to achieve crystal Europe tube, tube peace of mind!

● 免费管路高压清洗,确保管内无异物   在水路安装的过程中,不可避免的会在管路中存有少部分泥沙。此部分泥沙通常情况下就此便会留存在管路内,部分细碎的粉末会在日后的使用过程中被逐步带出管道,同时也会对水龙头过滤网和热水器进水口等较精细进水口造成堵塞。由于日常使用中水流量较慢,管内的泥沙会对管路内壁造成磨损。导致水垢附着残留与管路内壁,影响水质。久游管道推出管路高压清洗服务,通过高水压快速将管内泥沙等异物冲出管路,避免划伤管路内壁。高压清洗后,业主便可放心的安装水龙头进行使用。

   Free high-pressure cleaning of pipelines to ensure no foreign matters in the pipelines        In the process of waterway installation, there will inevitably be a small amount of sediment in the pipeline. This part of sediment will normally remain in the pipeline, and some fine powder will be gradually taken out of the pipeline in the future use process, which will also block finer water inlets such as faucet filter screen and water heater water inlet. Due to the slow flow of water in daily use, the sediment in the pipe will cause abrasion to the inner wall of the pipe. The water quality is affected due to the adhesion and residue of scale and the inner wall of the pipeline. Jingou pipeline is offered high-pressure cleaning service, which can quickly flush out foreign matters such as silt and the like in the pipeline through high water pressure to avoid scratching the inner wall of the pipeline. After high-pressure cleaning, the owner can safely install the faucet for use.

● 厂方打压验收,施工品质监控     首先,施工前要先做一次打压测试,检验原先房屋埋的水管质量是否合格,测试时最好有物业人员在场。水路施工后要对水管进行打压,测试管路承受能力。做打压试验时,先用软管连接冷热水管,保证冷热水同时打压。安装好打压器,将管内的空气放掉,使整个回路里面全是水。关闭水表及外面闸阀后打压到工作压力的1.5倍不渗漏,压力表显示压力下降在0.05MP以内为合格。一些业主为了测试水路承受压力,将水压打得很高。但这样可能会让管道超过其承受的极限,反而会导致将来出现漏水的危险。久游管道为了确保业主管路日后使用安全,久游管道自有打压技师,专业标准化的为业主提供第三方免费打压服务并对管路施工情况进行检测,为业主彻底消除因安装不规范造成的日后隐患。

   Factory suppressed acceptance, construction quality monitoring      First of all, a pressure test should be conducted before construction to check whether the quality of the water pipes buried in the original house is qualified. It is better to have property personnel present during the test. After waterway construction, the water pipes shall be suppressed to test their bearing capacity. When conducting the pressure test, connect the hot and cold water pipes with hoses to ensure that the hot and cold water are pressurized at the same time. Install the pressurizer and drain the air in the pipe to make the whole circuit full of water. After the water meter and the gate valve outside are closed, the pressure is suppressed to 1.5 times of the working pressure without leakage, and the pressure gauge indicates that the pressure drop within 0.05MP is qualified. Some owners beat the water pressure very high in order to test the water pressure. However, this may cause the pipeline to exceed its bearing limit and may lead to the danger of water leakage in the future. In order to ensure the safety of the owner's pipeline in the future, jingou pipeline has its own suppression technicians, who provide the owner with professional and standardized third-party free suppression services and test the construction of the pipeline, so as to completely eliminate future hidden dangers caused by nonstandard installation for the owner.

● 免费水路管道加护   在装修过程中,卫生间的水路改造作为装修重点,被广大业主重视。在具体的施工过程中,考虑到墙体受力以及日后维修方便,大部分装修公司都选择在棚上进行管线架设。在这一过程中,势必会产生部分水管外露于空气中。这样一来,冷水管内的水温与室内温差就会在水管表面产生凝露现象。水管出现凝露后,不单单会影响到电路的使用安全,还会增加棚内潮气,对吊顶产生腐蚀,浸湿棚顶材料。而且,热水管由于无保温措施,在日后的使用中,热水在管内运行的过程中,热量也会有所损耗,造成不必要的浪费。

   Free additional protection for waterways and pipelines     In the process of decoration, the waterway renovation of the toilet is regarded as the key point of decoration and is valued by the majority of owners. In the specific construction process, considering the wall stress and convenient maintenance in the future, most decoration companies choose to erect pipelines on the shed. During this process, some water pipes will inevitably be exposed to the air. In this way, the temperature difference between the water temperature in the cold water pipe and the indoor temperature will produce condensation on the surface of the water pipe. The condensation of water pipes will not only affect the use safety of the circuit, but also increase moisture in the shed, corrode the ceiling and wet the ceiling materials. In addition, since there is no heat preservation measure for the hot water pipe, in future use, the heat will also be lost during the operation of the hot water inside the pipe, resulting in unnecessary waste.

● 免费电子管路图云端留存     一般装修后,下一次重新装修要再过20年30年甚至更长时间。而等到下次装修时候,很多业主都忘记管路的布置了,这给装修带来了很大麻烦。因此,久游售后服务人员在试压完毕后会对管路进行专业角度拍照,提供给业主。并通过互联网上传至久游网站管路图图库。业主可以通过销售单据号+手机号码,通过久游网站管路图下载端口,随时进行下载查询。为您家房屋未来改造提供保障,避免因不记得管路布置情况不必要的损失。

   Free Electronic Pipeline Map Retained in Cloud        After general renovation, the next renovation will take another 20 years, 30 years or even longer. And when the next decoration, many owners forget the layout of the pipeline, which brought great trouble to the decoration. Therefore, Jingou after-sales service personnel will take professional photos of the pipelines after the pressure test and provide them to the owner. And uploaded to the pipeline map library of jingou website through the internet. Owners can download and inquire at any time through the sales document number+mobile phone number and through the pipeline map download port of jingou website. Provide guarantee for the future renovation of your house and avoid unnecessary losses due to not remembering the pipeline layout.

● 免费余件回收      在水工师傅针对业主家水路/地暖改造过程中,会给业主提供材料采购计划,为了保证施工顺利,会多购买些常用管件。施工结束后,往往会有部分剩余管件。通常情况下,都是业主在哪里购买,就到哪里退货。很多业主都会因为忙于装修没有及时退货,造成不必要的经济损失。针对这一问题,久游管道为您提供——余件带回服务。在业主水路施工结束后,便可预约久游免费打压服务。在打压工人上门打压时,将您手中多余的管件带回,并根据您的三方协议售保单为您开具退货单,并将货款当场退还给您。为您节省宝贵的时间,也不避免因未及时退回造成的损失。

   Free salvage        During the renovation of the owner's waterway/floor heating, the hydraulic engineer will provide the owner with a material purchase plan. In order to ensure smooth construction, he will purchase more commonly used pipe fittings. After the construction is completed, there will often be some residual pipe fittings. Under normal circumstances, the owners will return the goods wherever they buy them. Many owners will not return the goods in time due to busy decoration, causing unnecessary economic losses. In response to this problem, jingou pipeline provides you with the service of bringing back the rest. After the owner's waterway construction is completed, he can make an appointment for free suppression service by jingou. When the pressure workers come to suppress, bring back the surplus pipe fittings in your hands, issue a return order for you according to your tripartite agreement, and return the payment to you on the spot. Save precious time for you and avoid losses caused by not returning it in time.

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